The extensive disarmament process that recently undergoes throughout Europe has created enormous problems to defense dependent regions due to the closure of military establishments and the military funds reductions which have direct effects on military industries.

These problems do not derive from market pressures but, rather, from a series of public policy decisions and as such are not likely to follow the normal process of market restructuring. Hence, the demilitarization problem is fundamentaly different from market-included changes which are often more gradual and contain a continuity between old and new activities.

Recently, cities and regions from five countries - Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Netherland and Germany - formed the EC Network DEMILITARISED founded by the DG XVI/RECITE Program. DEMILITARISED stands for ''Decrease in Europe of Military Investment, Logistics and Infastructures and the Tracing of Alternative Regional Initiatives to Sustain Economic Development.''

INTRATECH as a member of the Steering Committee of the Network Demilitarized represents the five Greek participants, namely the municipalities of Nea Makri, Ellinikon, Glyfada, Argyroupolis and Alimos.

INTRATECH has been extensively involved as a consultant of the network acquiring, through its activities, unique know-how and expertise in tackling demilitarization relevant problems.

INTRATECH applies a conversion methodology which takes under consideration all the factors and parameters which influence the successful conversion of military establishments and industries, and is the result of researches and studies made in the context of Network Demilitarized.

INTRATECH offers extensive assistance for the conversion of military establishments and former industrial sites by applying the Commercial Audit Procedure which examines in detail the following:

- the Regional & Urban Development Policies - the Economic Development Issues - the Physical, Facility and Infrastructure Issues - the Property Market Issues - the Manpower,Organization and Management Present - the Financing of New Activities - the Market Approach - the Environmental Characteristics - the Needs & Requirements of: - the Landowner - the Local Authorities - the Communities - the Private Investors involved.

For the defence related industries, INTRATECH applies a Specific Conversion Methodology, which includes the following special programmes:

- Innovation Awareness Programme - Internal Audit Procedure / Capabilities and Constrains Mapping - Market Research Programme / Target Market Identification, New Products Design and Development - Production Reengineering Programme - Licence and Certifications Awareness Programme - Research and Development Guidance Programme - Technology Transfer Programme.

INTRATECH's Environmental business unit undertakes Environmental Impact Assessment Surveys, Risk Analysis and proposes Environmental Protection and Remediation Measures and Techniques. This assessment becomes the first priority before any other conversion examination since it is absolutely vital to prove whether or not an area is «clean» for alternative use.

INTRATECH also operates the DENIS - Demilitarised Network Information System - through which information can be collected regarding demilitararization conversion problems in sixteen regions throughout Europe as well as prospective business opportunities that arise during the conversion of military establishments and Industries.