The information systems and technology unit is responsible for developing custom software solutions, consulting and perform research in this area.

Recognizing a shift of focus of interest from the simulation of the human expert to the perfomance-oriented human-computer interaction, our R & D activities concentrate on the design and development of dynamic systems suitable for coping with the user/system integration. The system, now a sophisticated tool that supports the creativity of the user, integrates various techniques such as languages processing, graphical interfaces and handling of multimedia objects.

Special attention is given in the design of the user interface in order to meet the state-of-the art demands and requirements which originate from Ergonomics, Cognitive Science and the next generation Interfaces.

Based on the above, and in its efforts to meet the need for development of products in the area of hypermedia/multimedia, INTRATECH has a laboratory which, in cooperation with national and European Universities and Research Institutions, specializes in the development of the following:

· Interactive Electronic Publishing

· Hypermedia Document Systems

· Multimedia Informations Systems

· Intelligent Interfaces

· Cultural Information Systems

With the information and knowledge acquired through our intensive research, our information systems specialists engage in technical consultancy regarding:

· The Evaluation of Technologies and Products

· Feasibility Studies

· Personnel Training

· Technical Support for the Introduction of Innovative Technologies

These services, along with Technology Transfer from highly specialized international institutions, allow us to provide integrated solutions for improving the use of information systems in business environments.