INTRATECH Ltd. is a private Technology Transfer company in Greece, founded in 1990, providing know-how, technical expertise, innovative solutions and offering Technology Transfer Services. The objective for the establishment of the company originates from the need for the continuous transfer of systematic knowledge for the manufacture of a product, for the application of a process or for the rendering of a service.

INTRATECH's aim is to present the best possible solutions that provide the greatest business justification and to achieve the INnovative TRAnsfer of TECHnology. INTRATECH's clients are assisted in utilizing, in the most efficient way, the existing resources made available from the worldwide scientific and technological community. In the field of Technology Transfer, INTRATECH's business units engage in the Provision of Services and the Research & Development of new Technologies.

To achieve its goals, INTRATECH has established unique partnerships with highly specialised international corporations such as: Simulation Sciences Inc., USA, for process modelling - InfoAccess Inc., USA, for Interactive Electronic's Publishing - HILMATECH Marine Technics GmbH, Germany, for automatic Boat-synchrolift systems - EDO-European Defence Observatory, for Demilitarisation - EDAW-CR Planning, England, for military sites conversion and urban development - High Technology Exchange Center, Italy for technology transfer issues.

In addition, international operations are supported by INTRATECH Offices in Chieti, Italy and in Bucharest, Romania.

Moreover, INTRATECH Ltd., is in cooperation with several National and International Institutions including: Beureau Veritas, France - EOLAS, Ireland - University of Wales, U.K. - Lancashire Enterprises Plc, U.K. - Deutsche Aerospace Hellas S.A. - Euravia Ltd, U.K. - Alenia S.A., Italy - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Region Piemonte, Italy - Fraunhofer Gessellschaft, I.S.I., Germany - Max Plank Institute, Germany - National Technical University, Athens, Greece - National Center of Marine Research, Greece - British Aerospace / Royal Ordnance / Environmental Services Group, U.K., - University of Surrey, U.K.

Among INTRATECH's numerus clients the following are included:

· From the Industrial sector:

 Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. - EKO S.A., Distilleries - ECON OPTICS S.A., Optics - BIOSOL S.A., Steel and Tube manufacturing - ANFARM HELLAS S.A., Pharmaceutical - ALMA S.A., Shoes manufacturing - SKOUROPOULOS S.A., Office Furnitures.

· From the Business Sector:


· From Organisations / Institutes

 ELKEPA - EETA - Companies Association for Industrial and Professional Training (IVEPE) - Technical Research Institute (ITE) - Civil Engineers Assosiation - University of Athens - Network Demilitarised (EU) - Hellenic Export Union - Lyrio Children Foundation.

· From State / Regional Organisations

Ministry of National Economy, Greece - Ministry of Industry, Romania - Region Piemonte, Italy - Region Marche, Italy - Region Wiltshire,U.K. - Municipalities of Nea Makri, Ellinikon, Glyfada, Argyroupolis, Alexandroupolis, (Greece), Kaiserslautern, (Germany), Torino (Italy).

INTRATECH Ltd, has considerable experience in European Programmes such as : Mediterranean Intergrated Programmes (MOP), TELEMATIQUE, PAVE, RETEX, RECITE, PERIFRA, VALUE, EUROFORM, KONVER, OUVERTURE, PHARE,TACIS,etc.



TECHNOLOGICAL & ECONOMIC SERVICES BUSINESS UNIT - This unit consists of the heart and soul of Technology Transfer and specializes in the provision of technological knowledge :

· necessary for the Installation, Operation and Functioning of Plant and Equipment, and Turnkey Projects

· necessary to Acquire, Install and Use Machinery, Equipment, Intermediate Goods and/or Raw Materials

· necessary for the In common Research or Development of Innovative Technologies in National or International Demonstrative or Experimental Projects or Programmes

· necessary for Industrial and Technical Co-Operation Arrangements

 INFORMATION SYSTEMS BUSINESS UNIT - Consults, conducts research and provides custom software solutions across multi-platform environments to small, medium and large organizations in the following aspects:

· Interactive Electronic Publishing

· Hypermedia Document Systems

· Multimedia Information Systems

· Linguistic and Terminology Engineering

· Intelligent Inferfaces

· Information and Document Engineering

ENVIRONMENTAL BUSINESS UNIT - Consults, conducts research studies and provides laboratory services in the following fields:

· Environmental Quality Assessment & Treatment

· Waste Management & Process Modeling

· Ground Water Exploration

· Impact, Remediation Studies & Technologies

· Integrated Ecosystems Management

· Regional, Urban Planning

PROCESS MODELING BUSINESS UNIT - Consults, in cooperation with SimSci, offering the Process Simulation Technology to Chemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Metal, Energy and other industries. This advanced technology gives process industries the ability to:

· Design their Manufacturing Processes

· Increase Plant Efficiency

· Achieve Higher Production Rates

· Minimize Operating & Manufacturing Costs

· Assure High Product Quality

· Meet Environmental Standards

DEMILITARIZATION BUSINESS UNIT - Conducts research for and consults cities, regions or defence industries which face the negative effects of disarmament. Concrete conversion strategies are developed to deal with the following:

· Military Sites Conversion Process Audit

· Military Sites Commercial Audit Procedure

· Military Industries Conversion Process Audit

· Environmental Planning

· Environmental Protection & Rehabilitation