The Process Modeling business unit with the cooperation of Simulation Sciences Inc. (SimSci) offer the Chemical Process Simulation Technology.

SimSci developed the PRO/II Flowsheet Process Simulator which is based on revolutionary open program architecture. PRO/II is equipped to handle distillation systems, stoichiometric reactions, complex electrolyte chemistry and both organic and inorganic solids formation and separation for chemical processes.

Containing the most comprehensive capabilities available, PRO/II is able to model the complete range of industrial processes including Petroleum Refining, Chemicals and Petrochemicals.

The Chemical Process Simulation Technology is also applicable to other industries like Food Products, Metals, Fertilizers, Pharmaceutical, Energy and Non-Metallic Minerals.

Using this advanced technology, our Process Modeling business unit gives companies in the process industries the opportunity to:

· Disign their occasionally required Manufacturing Processes

· Increase Plant Efficiency

· Achieve Higher Production Rates

· Shorten Design and Scale-Up Time

· Assure High Product Quality

· Minimize Capital Expenditure, Operating & Manufacturing Costs

· Shorten Time to Bring New Products to the Market

· Meet Environmental Standards

In addition to performing Process Simulations, we also consult with the purpose of assisting corporations to:

· Reduce Energy Consumption

· Minimize Raw Material Waste

· Optimize Waste Management

· Perform Quality Control in the Manufacturing Process

· Optimize Pricing Policies

In the area of customer education we offer training seminars for every level of user including on-site training for specialists.