This unit is responsible for providing the broader spectum of Technology Transfer services. However, its main objective is the provision of Technological Knowledge in cooperation with various Industrial Groups, National and International Organizations, Research Institutes and Universities.

The Technological Services unit:

· provides the know-how necessary for the Installation, Operation and Fuctioning of any Plant and/or Equipment

· provides the know-how to undertake complex Turnkey Projects

· provides the know-how necessary to Acquire, Install and Use Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Intermediate Goods and/or Raw Materials all of which have been acquired by purchase, lease or other means

· undertakes any in common Research and/or Develpment of New Technology and of Experimental or Demonstrative Projects or Programs

· offers Customs Engineering Design

· conducts Technology Auditing which provides complete studies analyzing a company's entire structure according to its:

· Products

· Production Technology

· Productivity

· Market Position

The results of such studies assist a company in reaching high productivity and quality targets by specifying which areas need:

· Further Development

· Optimization

· Complete Modernization

· undertakes Specialized or Technology Auditing next phase projects in Production Organization like:

· Presentation and Application of Automation Procedures

· Consulting for Quality Control and Quality Assurance

· Organization of Stores and Production Facilities

· Organization of Computer Applications

· Energy Consumption Optimization Studies for Energy Savings and possible applications of Renewable Energy Sources.